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(1:41 AM)

From JO’s sermon today:

Don’t wait to praise God until AFTER you get what you want and everything is fixed.  You have to give God praise and THEN the breakthroughs will come;  praise precedes the victory, and negative thoughts limit what God can do.

Prayer should NOT be a complaining session.  God is not moved by our problems He’s moved by our faith.  Praise is faith at work.  Scripture says that the spirit of faith is in our words.

When you praise, God can take what was meant for your harm and use it to advance you.  Praise activates God’s power.  Nothing gets God’s attention more than when you should be discouraged but you have a song of praise for Him.  To live in victory, you need to know how to praise while in pain…  that’s the sacrifice of praise.

In the tough times, turn up your praise.  When you praise, chains are broken, doors are opened, angels go to work, victory is coming your way.  Shake off the self-pity, the complacency, turn up the praise, you can praise your way to victory. Psalm 149 says when we have high praises of God coming out of our mouths, God will go to war against our enemies.  High praises means to praise God with enthusiasm, be excited about what He’s done.  The shout of praise activates God’s power.  Praise is the birth position;  when you’re thankful, and praise God to others, you’re putting yourself in position to give birth to that promise.  Promises die stillborn because people get negative and complaining.  Elijah said;  if you want to see rain, you have to dig the ditches first.  Thank God and praise Him, and His favor will come.  Get up every morning and thank God that he’s bringing your dreams to pass.  Praise is an attitude, so be grateful all day long;  this allows God to do amazing things.  Your praise can change God’s mind, cause Him to do more to help you.  When you praise, dreams come to pass, supernatural doors open.

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