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(3:34 PM)

Last night I had what looked at first like a classic back-in-school dream.  Typically, I was trying to figure out what my schedule was, and had headed to the registrar to try to get answers.  And here’s where it started getting different.  It seemed that some new classes had been added to my previous ones;  they were somehow better, or maybe easier, or more desirable, and I wanted to know if I could just get rid of the original classes;  I was wondering, in a garbled dream fashion, if I had enough credits, if any of the prior courses were actually required…  could I just switch to the new ones?  (New classes = “God’s classes,” ie living the way He wants me to with His guidance, I assume.)

If I ever found out, I don’t remember, but the point I think is that this sort of dream has always seemed to be about figuring out what I should be doing in real life, both present and future.  And now the REALLY new, REALLY big thing:  I had some kind of worksheets that represented homework, I believe from these new classes.  I felt like I didn’t know what the answers would be, although I don’t recall if I ever actually read the questions.  And then…  the answers started appearing!!  Simultaneously on all the questions, or at least many of them, were streams of words being formed as if invisible hands were writing with invisible pens.  I watched as the blank spaces filled up.  I then realized that what I thought were pre-made worksheets in fact had the questions written in MY handwriting, and the answers were in totally different handwriting…  GOD’S handwriting, bold and frankly masculine looking (is this because I’m accustomed to thinking of God as male, or because He in fact has a masculine bent?).   As about 2/3 of the space filled up, I found myself saying to stop, because the handwriting wasn’t mine and they’d know I hadn’t done the work…  and the writing stopped.  Sadly, it never occurred to me to read what He had written, and I’m not sure if I was really thinking that it WAS God’s doing during the dream, but awake the message is clear;  He is writing my future, but will let me do the work myself too…  and really, He expects me to, as He wouldn’t stop writing just because I asked if He didn’t WANT me to do some of the work for myself in addition to the humbling amount He does for me.  And;  even if I don’t know the questions, don’t know what’s happening or about to happen, it’s ok because HE has all the answers.  He is in control…  and my triumph is thus assured.

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