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(1:16 AM)

In today’s sermon, JO said:

“There’s a direct correlation between declaring favor and receiving favor.  It’s not enough to just think about it;  words give life to our faith.  Something supernatural happens when you say “I’m expecting unprecedented favor.”

We can stop the awesome things God has in store… with negative or mediocre thinking.  If you want to see God do amazing things, you gotta get in agreement with God and say “Yes God, I believe something awesome is in my future.”

God is looking for somebody to take the limits off of Him.

When you release your faith you’ll see God show up and do amazing things.”

Again he brings forth the idea that God “can’t” do things for us if we have the wrong mindset, if we don’t have faith and release that faith with our words.  This was one of the things that drew me to him back in my heathen metaphysical days, because a basic tenet of my belief in those days was that thought creates reality.

After JO’s sermon was over, the next preacher’s sermon was about being a missionary, not in some exotic land but in your everyday life, to bring people to God.  Fascinating concept…  and it felt like a message to me.

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(10:12 PM) Because I was really missing my friends, I called upon God today…  and felt goosebumps immediately, and just as I was wondering if it could really be Him so quickly He was suddenly filling me.  I can’t remember the last time it happened so FAST.  I asked Him at several points while I was filled with His power if The Enemy, as JO calls the devil, actually exists in any form;  although God usually gives clear answers to these sorts of questions right away, this time He didn’t.  I accept that there was a reason for this, but it still puzzles me.  I have faith that He will reveal the truth to me in His good time.

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(3:44 AM)

We had a massive power outage today.  We were out driving around for hours looking for a hotel in a powered area with DSL and a non-insane price.  One misleading radio broadcast brought us down from the fully-powered area to our own (about an hour drive), which led to our driving around for hours because only bits and pieces had power.  We then decided to check the house again;  going by the clocks, we literally got home 3-4 minutes after power was restored, after nearly 11 hours with no power.  Guess why.  WOW!!

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