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(2:41 PM)


About 2 weeks ago, I had the sudden urge to contact a company that I’m on the consumer panel for that had sent out goodies last year, but nothing this year, although there were 2 sets of goodies that had been promised last year but not delivered.  Today I heard back from them…  telling me that they’d sent me stuff about 2 weeks ago, and hadn’t I gotten it?  Of course I had NOT, and they immediately promised to re-send the goodie box.

How did I KNOW?  Was it a psychic thing or God?  Of course any psychic ability I have would come FROM God, so the deepest answer is that He is behind this latest in my lifelong series of knowing the unknowable.


Edit 8-27:  Got the VERY nice goodie box today.

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(5:57 PM)

In JO’s sermon last night, he quoted from Hebrews 11:6, which says:   “He is a rewarder of those that diligently seek Him.”  The reward, JO says, doesn’t come from having it all figured out, or from knowing all the Scriptures, but just from TRYING to know Him, just from the seeking, from making the effort;  I’ve noticed myself that after I’ve flailed around trying to do something for a while God will show up and carry me to the goal, so trying does truly seem to be enough.

JO said:

You cannot give God something without Him giving you more back in return.

God doesn’t butt into your life, you have to invite Him in;  you need to ask His help with everything all day long, as God wants to be involved in every part of our lives.  (This came as a great relief to me, as I had from nearly the beginning of my relationship with God done just this, and had no way of knowing if it was acceptable or maybe driving God crazy by being overly-demanding of His attention.)  When you’re constantly acknowledging God, you’re seeking Him.  This is an attitude of dependency that He responds to.

Proverbs 3:6;  “In everything you do, put God first, and He will direct you and crown your efforts with success.”  Your expectation is your faith being  released, which allows God to do great things.

And finally, he also mentioned Psalm 16:11;  “You have made known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence.”  Indeed.

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What God wants

(4:10 AM)

“God wants everyone to be

Full of love and charity.”

These lines were from the song from an ad from…  3-4 decades ago?  The lines keep coming back to me, and I had that suspicious choking up when I said them out loud, so…  these “preferences” seem totally obvious, but you can’t take anything for granted, and it bears saying since so many people can’t be bothered.

I found exactly ONE place on the entire interet with these lyrics, and there was more than I remembered, but I instantly recognized it all:

“One by one, two by two, Show a little Love in all you do… In GOD’S world, His will be done yet until we Love, we’re all alone. Help a neighbor, lend a hand, show a smile and understand, GOD wants everyone to be full of Love and charity. Don’t hate today, don’t raise your hand, don’t harm yourself don’t spoil this land, Reach out to someone else today show a little Love in every way, One by one , Two by two…….”

Edit 9-24:

According to this article from October 8, 1970


Burl Ives is the singer of this song, which was part of a campaign by the Advertising Council.  41 years…  VERY significant that I remember it, especially when I remember so little from that time.

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(3:30 AM)

I was sitting listening to music when it came into my head that I’d really like to find my long-time-missing headband.  I had ripped apart my room several times looking for it to no avail.  I tried to avoid the urge, since it can spiral up into mania, but it took hold, and I was reluctantly goaded away from my seat to start shuffling through a pile of stuff.  I said to God, “Please make me calm, and please help me find it”…  and moments later it was in my hand.  It had been just under the bed skirt;  the skirt was lifted slightly by a book that had shifted around underneath the bed and fallen over, and seeing this somehow made me lift it further.

How had the headband gotten there, pushed under the bed like that, and all the way under as well, even odder, and how had I not moved the skirt in previous searches in that area?  How had that book come off of its stack and pushed the skirt up?  What made me check under there rather than just pushing the book back?  Eerie, but not surprising, of course;  God always stands ready to help if we just ask.

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