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There was a huge moment with my mother while I was clearing out her stuff in the guest room.  I’d been digging cards and notepads out of the secretary, and then suddenly there in the middle of the lowered cover was a small strip of paper.  It said “goodbye.”  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Words fail me…

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(2:01 AM)

Today I had my 6th AND 7th “eyelid images” ever (the other 5 being 11-1-10, 11-19-10, 11-24-10, 1-21-11, 3-22-11).  The first one was a gray office-type chair, where the material was torn away from the frame near the top and a ragged strip of heavy gray mesh was sticking way out.  It started out crystal clear and persisted for a good chunk of seconds but a little dimmer.  The 2nd one was a dim, purplish but still recognizable image of a friend laying on his back on a couch with his hands behind his head;  it was brief but I was sure what it was.

I asked God to be with me today and He was.  I felt goosebumps right away, and then He filled me shortly thereafter;  it wasn’t powerful, and then dissipated.  A few minutes later, He came back, and it was much stronger.  I finished bathing and He was still very strongly with me, which was new.  I stood there, unwilling to leave and maybe leave it behind, talking to Him and blissing out on the feeling.  I asked if I was impatient if I left, or a coward if I stayed.  I decided the latter, and stepped out of the stall…  and He stayed with me!!  It stayed strong as I stood at the sink watching myself in the mirror.  I said my friend’s name, and asked about his “secret symbol” that I had dreamed about.  I got a wave of feeling from my groin up to my jaw;  I felt it clearly in the roots of my teeth.  Then another wave, a little weaker.  I don’t know what it means, but it seems positive;  I’ll ask him about it tomorrow.  God clearly still has us tied closely together.

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This post should be blank, since I don’t actually know how, but yesterday I had the overwheling urge to work on it, and suddenly there was some open time with no new work (VERY rare), so I made significant progress.  You can check it out over in the “What I know about God” section.  I have no clue as to what I’ll end up with or what I’m supposed to do with it, but that’s where faith comes in.  It’s probably just an exercise to provide me with a structure…  and if not, God will guide me to what He wants me to do.

(The original post on this topic was on 3-28.)

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