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(4:30 AM)

I saw the shy friend on Tuesday. Somehow from a bumpy start we ended up pretty well bonded by the end of the day, ending in him giving me the best hug in ages, with no tensing up or early pulling away.  “Somehow”; I KNOW how.  I had also had the “inexplicable” urge to bring him something that it turned out that he loved;  that was good too.  And then, totally contrary to how I’d been feeling for I think a couple of weeks (and I’d been feeling it a LOT), I heard myself telling him to take as long as he needed to resolve his emotional confusion so that we can go back to socializing more fully.  Then, today, I was able to have 2 brief, businesslike phone conversations with him, whereas normally my urge is to talk longer which then can cause him to be overwhelmed, in fact the conversations seemed to just arrange themselves…  but I know who arranged them.

I put it in God’s hands, and He is fixing it.  Amazing, but of course not surprising.

And the search;  there was an item I did TWO searches for in the drawer where it resides over a period of days, with no luck.  Today, I went to look for something else in that drawer and there it was, right on top.  Did God bring it back from wherever it had gone?

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