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God in nature

(5:43 AM)

I went to a forest today with the spiritual friend from yesterday’s post.  I felt God strongly, and then very strongly, although I wasn’t ready to speak out loud to Him in front of anyone and so didn’t “invite” Him to fill me;  it was purely an exterior experience, but astonishing for all that.  My friend could see it happen when my breathing took the usual sharp drop;  he said it looked like I was barely breathing at all.  I was a little light-headed afterwards, which might have been a result of all that exercise wearing my body out before the experience.  Later, he was amazed that even at dinner I still hadn’t had any water, after all that walking on a warm day;  I just didn’t need it.  And my bad joint that would usually have given out with far less scrambling around never gave a twinge.  Astounding…

Edit 3-14:  I’m still feeling the effects, days later, although they have been slowly diminishing.  It’s mainly manifesting in a continued disinclination towards eating normally…  which is NOT a complaint, since anything God does for me is by definition a blessing and this is no exception.  I think He is just showing me that He is all I really need, which is of course true.  Why and how this experience in which I didn’t even “internalize” him ended up being so huge is a mystery.  I can’t wait to see what happens when the same friend and I do a nature walk on Wednesday.

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