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(3:10 AM)

Today I was sitting listening to music when I had a … “vision” sounds melodramatic, but I don’t know what else to call it… in which I saw how a spiritual friend and I might experience God together. I “saw” myself start to feel His presence, then get goosebumps, and then call my friend to quickly join hands with me and focus on feeling Him. I didn’t see what will happen after that, but I’m reasonably certain that God wouldn’t get the process started and then block us from completing it… but of course human error is always a strong possibility.

The really interesting thing here is that God has never “interfaced” with me without my asking Him to first, except for one time when I was in the circumstances where I normally WOULD ask Him and had in fact been talking to Him about it (see post from 10-30-10), so this would be a wildly different experience for me on all levels if it happens.

Soon after the vision, I had some plot bits and a quote pop into my head from a STTNG episode, totally out of the blue. There are 178 STTNG episodes… and guess which one from all of those came on later that evening? It feels like… a confirmation.

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