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God healed me

(11:31 PM)

I’ve had sporadic, serious joint issues for years.  I hadn’t had a flare-up in quite a while, but suddenly yesterday my hips were so bad that I almost couldn’t make it up a flight of stairs.  This severe of an episode would normally take easily 6 weeks to recover from.  I asked God to take the problem from me.  Today, I woke up with hips that have had the slightest twinge a few times but are basically normal.  Nothing remotely like this has ever happened before…  so there’s no doubt who I have to thank.

Today, I took a nap, and forgot to make my requests for not having certain kinds of dreams…  and thus had one of a woman in a hospital bed with tubes.  Another example of how God is shielding me from my expected nightmares, but only when I ASK.  Considering that He’s essentially providing a nightly miracle, I don’t think that my asking for it rather than expecting it is too much for Him to want from me;  it promotes being mindful and grateful in a way that asking Him once to handle it forever could never do, which can only be a +.

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