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Another waking image

(6:12 AM)

2 days in a row!!

Today’s wasn’t an elaborate full-color image like yesterday’s, but STILL.  I saw the dim purplish image of a woman’s head and neck, with her hair held back by a headband like I wear;  it might even have been me, it was too dark to tell. The hair had enough of a bump behind the band to recall the woman in those insurance commercials, though.  The head rotated slowly one way and then back, and got dimmer and I willed it clearer, which wasn’t really clear but it DOES count.

Edit 10-23-12:  I had missed this eyelid image and the one before it because I wasn’t calling them that at this point and my mother’s death blotted them from my memory.  I’m glad I rediscovered this one because of the bit about my mother below that I’d forgotten.

The bigger news is that my mother is in the hospital in serious condition…  and she says that she received a message to be strong, to fight, and to listen.  She was groggy from the meds but when I asked her if it was God she thought she was supposed to listen to she said “yes”…  and she’s NOT a believer.  So, she’s determined to fight.

I have faith that God will save my mother.

Edit 10-23-12:  He didn’t save her life…  but He allowed me to help save her soul.


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