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(2:31 AM)

I’m not sure anymore if this happened when I woke up today or yesterday (ie and then forgot to record it), in darkness or the morning/afternoon, and I can’t even be sure I was awake, but I think I was and saw an image of my roommate looking unhappy, and after a few seconds of muddled thought as to how to fix that I willed him to be surrounded by gold coins, not just on the ground but all around him in treasure chests (I think), maybe the chests were on shelves or maybe they were floating, but in any case he then looked happy.  Why gold coins when I don’t think either of us had ever even seen a gold coin (or a treasure chest) in person?  I have no idea…  and frankly he’d probably rather have had tools or hard drives or something else techy…  but still!!

I traditionally have had almost zero luck willing anything into existence even in lucid dreams, so this would be notable even if I had been asleep, but if I was awake it would be only the 5th time in my entire life that I’ve had a clear visual when I was awake (the others were 11-1-10, 11-19-10, 11-24-10 and 1-21-11).

There’s only one possible source of this sudden extraordinary new ability.  And of the wild surge in progress with a physical goal/ability that I posted about on 12-26-10 and have continued amazing performance in with no new skills or greater time or effort involved.  God is enhancing my brain and body in extraordinary and unexpected ways;  I am very blessed.

Edit 1-23-12:  I lost track of this post until today because of my mother’s death, and because I didn’t use the term “eyelid image” in this one so it didn’t come up in my searches;  I’m glad I found it again.

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