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(1:15 AM)

I’d always wondered at how God kept lavishing me with rewards that I was totally undeserving of.  In tonight’s sermon, JO pointed out that this is a standard behavior from God, which ties in with what the man who appeared just long enough to tell me that said.  JO told the story of Ruth, and how the owner of the wheat fields told his workers to leave handfuls of wheat for her so that she would have what she and her mother needed;  this was an example of how God leaves us “handfuls” of good stuff not because we’ve earned it but because He cares for us.  JO also pointed out the importance of gratitude for what He gives us, and I wholeheartedly agree;  I’m trying to train myself to thank God each time He benefits me…  which is over and over, and I wish there was a whole other vocabulary to use to tell him how much I love Him and how grateful I am.

AND, JO stressed the importance of telling others about what God gives us…  and I think that’s my hint that it’s time for me to do just that.

My other blessing for today was that at a social gathering I reached a level of closeness and support from some of the those present that I literally had never even imagined;  that’s par for the course these days but still amazing.

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