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Friendship help

(3:28 AM)

On Jul 16, 2010, I posted that God had brought me together with a woman I was sure I was meant to be friends with.  It’s been a bumpy road, but I thought we’d made a quantum leap when she invited me to a Christmas Eve party…  but I haven’t heard from her since, despite 2 emails from me.  I was planning to give up emails and call her this coming weekend, but was vague as to what I could say to her to get past the failure to reply to emails issue.  Today, I was looking out the glass door, and the edge of my glance fell on a new magazine on the floor, and there, not even in the bigger headlines but in a smaller one near the bottom, was the name of a guy from the show that’s our big thing in common…  something concrete I can call her about, giving me a reason to call and a way to dodge the didn’t-reply issue and get right into enjoyable conversation.  How did my eye get  drawn to that specific thing?  How do you think?

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