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(5:10 AM)

I’d spent years regretting not having screen-capped my old blog when I had Pagerank 6, and was agonizing about it recently.  I’d previously checked the Wayback site to no avail, as none of my many buttons and banners showed as anything but x’s.   Yesterday I had the inexcusable urge to re-check…   and now the stored pages DO show most of the buttons and banners, including the PageRank one…  so I now have my screen caps and can stop agonizing.

I’d had several freakouts recently about what had happened to the pin that was the only gift I’d ever gotten from a friend who’d once meant a great deal to me.  Multiple searches failed to turn it up.  Today I ran across it while shuffling through the contents of a box that I was rearranging to get more stuff in.  Can it be a coincidence that one of my biggest regrets and a missing item that I’d freaked out over recently both got solved within about 12 hours?



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