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(4:20 AM)

I asked God to be with me today for the first time in a long while because, well, it had been a long while.  I felt it getting started several times, but it never got fully powerful, probably because of my  tired and stressed state, and because He’s under no obligation to provide me with the same intensity of experience each time, or any at all for that matter.  My pupils seemed dilated at a few points, although not as much as before I don’t think, and I swear that one looked more dilated than the other, and which one it was alternated;  I have no idea what that means.  I noticed that the thing on the wall that holds water was steaming up, so I poured more in;  for literally the FIRST time since I dropped it months ago and made it start hemorrhaging water every time any was added, NONE leaked out other than the slooooooow drop formation that it had always had to some degree.  No confusion as to who did THAT to be sure I knew it WAS him there with me.

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