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Another win

(6:09 PM)

I’m not sure if this is the right date, but it’s at least close;  I’m writing on 1-9-11 because I just realized that I should have already done so.

There was a prize that I lost track of time and was a few minutes late trying for.  I got completion screens for my mother and I, but it was so late in the game that there should have been no chance of actually getting them…  but today we DID get both of them.  Astonishing…

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More assistance

(4:56 AM)

I, who previously had the world’s worst luck, have had another of what you could call wins.  We were at a party with a gift exchange.  Previously I’d exited such an exchange with something minor or outright junk.  But with the power of God, my roommate, who wasn’t even supposed to be picking a gift, and I ended up with the 2 best and priciest available gifts, with his literally being worth more than everything else put together, and mine being a treasure trove of something that I’d just recently asked to be given more of.

AND, I received astonishing help with a physical goal on the 19th, 23rd and 25th, which is 3 times in a row that I’d tried to achieve the goal.  He doesn’t help me every time, but when He does He goes all the way.

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(7:04 AM)

I had asked God several times recently to give me dreams where I’d remember about Him and our relationship and have some sort of spiritual content.  The night of 12-17 I had a dream in which I was filled with the presence of God and was calling out to a group of people that God was there, couldn’t they FEEL Him, that the air was saturated with Him.  In the group was my father, and I had the idea that I was trying to keep this a secret from him, but in fact I’ve had no contact with him for 20 years, and it’s my roommate I’m keeping it a secret from… in any case, I decided that it didn’t matter, although I’m not ready to take that attitude while awake.

Then there was a crucial auction that I missed and freaked wildly out about a few days ago;  the seller re-listed at my request, but I risked being outbid.  Then, I found another listing for a tiny bit more with an incorrect spelling, and I got it, big relief…  but still felt obligated to get the other one because I’d asked the seller to re-list and gotten him to change it to a 5-day auction to accommodate me.  Then, although the listing had run TWICE without a single bid, today there WAS a bid, and I’m off the hook.

Miraculous.  Please let me be worthy…

Edit:  There ended up being TWO bids.  Amazing.

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More miracles

(6:45 AM)

The woman who I have faith that God intends to be my friend has initiated TWO emails in the past week.

I asked God to either stop me from making weird noises that woke me up or let me not wake up from my sleep noises like a normal person, and those waking episodes went from almost nightly to almost none.

There’s a food item I badly needed and forgot to ask my roommate to get at the only store that has it, where he only goes once a week;  while he was there today, he “accidentally” went down the wrong aisle looking for something else, saw my item, and stocked me up.

I was doing a rapid-fire search down my long list of TV channels to find a program before the hour turned, and, although I was ignoring shows that weren’t color-coded, I somehow noticed a show I’d never heard of on a channel I’d never watched that ended up being someone I love to watch’s holiday series.

I am so obviously watched over and blessed beyond all understanding.

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(7:24 AM)

On 12-7, my mother announced her intention to not subject herself to chemo, thus dooming herself (this is in my post of early AM 12-8).  I asked God to guide her to the life-saving choice.  When I spoke to her today, she was suddenly totally agreeing to getting treatment.  That was fast.

Edit 12-12:  There’s some confusion as to the above.  12-10 is when she saw her dr and officially agreed to start chemo, yes, but she was talking about doing so the night before and perhaps even the night before that…  which makes it even MORE amazing.  More amazing still it that the dr told her that as long as a piece of it didn’t break off and lodge somewhere vital, this particular cancer wouldn’t kill her…??!!  Another miracle, and one I should obviously have added in the original post.  I have no idea why I didn’t… maybe she just told me that yesterday?  Maybe,but I STILL should have posted it.  I’ve gotten so worn out that I’m making ridiculous errors; I have faith that God will help me overcome this.

Today, my ears have been plugged to various degrees due to a cold.  I’ve been trying for hours to pop them with no success.  I finally begged God to help me so that I can get to BED.  Instantly, jaw-flexing started making some clicking noise, meaning it’s doing something…  VERY fast response…  but they’re not open yet.

I had earlier begged Him to help me get back to getting to sleep at a decent time, starting tonight, and I was ready to go to bed almost 2 hours ago, but was afraid to because of my ears…  well, technically He DID get me READY for bed at a good time, but it’s not like He didn’t know I couldn’t go to bed like this…  I had also, during my request, said that I’d accept if He couldn’t, or didn’t want to affect me enough to, do it completely tonight, but instead got me back gradually…  is this why I was ready to theoretically go to bed at least even though I couldn’t lay down, so much earlier than any recent night?

An hour later…  my ears are open.  I’ll still get to bed an hour earlier than last night.  I have faith that progress will continue to be made.

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