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More help with finding

(6:11 AM)

I posted on 11-24 that God helped me find a surreally-hidden paper right after I asked for His help.  Today I was freaking out about a little gift item that had vanished from where it had last been.  I asked Him for help…  and almost instantly was drawn to its exact location, which was somewhere odd and hard to see, and where I’d swear I’d already looked, although obviously not in that one spot.  It’s overwhelming, almost eerie, how He’s willing to give immediate help like that.  I’m caught between not wanting to over-use this amazing gift and JO’s assertion that God wants to give us more than we ever dreamed.

I had a possible revelation;  that maybe He feels joy at giving and helping like I do, that thus by asking for His help I bring Him joy.  If so…  that’d be a BIG influence on how much I ask for.

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