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There was a paper I was going crazy trying to find;  I’d just seen it recently, laid carefully across the top of a pile to catch my eye and get handled.  But it had vanished in a recent searching frenzy.  I asked God to help me find it.  As I was wearily re-going through every piece of paper as I was putting it all back, I for whatever anal reason paused to shake a big envelope that contained instructions for a gadget, with the cool coincidence that the image perfectly lined up with the little window in the paper.  Except the image looked wrong…  and when I looked closer, it was the missing paper, which had somehow folded itself in half and gotten completely into the envelope, but not dropped down out of sight when it was shaken.  How’s that for fast response?  I wish I knew if I should stop asking for stuff when I get this sort of help or if JO is right and we should keep asking for more and more…  well, He knows that I’m trying to get it right and I’m sure He forgives my confusion.

You shouldn’t take a generous giver for granted and expect them to figure out what you might want and give it to you;  you should make the effort to ASK.  It finally occurred to me that the reason I wasn’t sleeping without waking up too early was that I hadn’t ASKED for that specific bit of help.  Last night I asked, and, despite being roused by THREE deliveries and once by a coughing fit I kept going back to sleep and finally woke up at 1:30 PM.  Again, such fast response that it’s almost eerie, and I’m deeply humbled that the ruler of the universe takes the time to fix my life so quickly.

I had a dream about my mother in which she was walking around without her walker or oxygen, and had apparently driven herself to where I was without any aides coming with her.  I noticed these things and thought that it was good that she’d gotten back to being independent;  I had zero thoughts that this couldn’t be right.  Objectively, this outcome shouldn’t be possible, but I’ll take it as a sign that she’ll be wildly exceeding all medical pronouncements about her condition.

Last night, when I was in bed but sure that I hadn’t dozed off yet, I got a brief but clear image of a critter in the feeding area; this time it was photographic and didn’t linger.  I certainly MIGHT have dozed without noticing and had a fast dream flash, and before I started getting the images behind closed eyelids that’s what I’d have assumed had happened, but I figure it’s best to keep a record of anything that might be part of what’s happening since it looks like God is answering my request to be able to see images and I’ll certainly want the whole story.

Edit:  my mother saw her doctor today, and this same man who was claiming that her life might be measured in WEEKS a couple of months ago said that she could have a year…  or 2…  or 3.  God strikes again;  that dream might well come true.

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