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Throughout my life, I’ve always had a kind of…  extreme thought, and early on in my conversion I figured that God would want me to stop, so I did.  Today, I asked Him to help me with my creative flow, and a little of the wrong thought crept in…  and my flow wouldn’t gel.  I apologized to Him for the thought.  Later on, I tried the flow again…  with unusually strong results.  Clearly, my instinct was right;  He DID want me to stop those thoughts, and rewarded me when I refused to just give into their return and repented, if that word applies.

Edit 11-21:  I’m not sure if this is the right day for this, but it’s close…  I posted on 11-1 about having an image appear inside my closed eyelids for the first time EVER in my life, out of the blue and not connected to anything or because of any effort on my part.  It happened again, and then by the next morning I’d FORGOTTEN, and then last night I remembered, luckily, but can’t recall how many days ago it was;  it could have happened as late as the night of the 18th, such that this is the day I’d have posted about it, or it might have been a day or 2 before that.  This time it was brighter, vaguely purple-tinted, and it was the 3 critters again, and not static but moving around.  I could see their eyes clearly, as brighter circles in their masks. As before, just out of the blue.  A miracle.  Another wonderful gift from God.

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