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More guidance

Here’s a post I wrote in April and the update I just added to it;  I’m copying it here because I’m trying to keep God’s assistance in chronological order.

4-21:  God came through again today;  2 new high-$ work offers.  He also provided me with something I’d always wanted on a smokin’ sale;  nothing else there was on that big of a sale, and it just seems beyond coincidence that the one thing I wanted was on sale for so much less than usual, especially an item that seems too popular to ever go on a sale that major.  He continues to amaze me.

Edit 11-18:  I came across this post and was going out of my mind trying to remember what the item was;  sometimes I’m TOO obscure in the interests of no one I know being able to get any good search terms to find me. I asked God to help me figure out what it was.  He did, much to my gratitude.  He guided me to look at financial records to spot the purchase on 4-21.

It was a SHIRT.  One with battery-powered special effects.  It’s the coolest EVER.  The amazing thing was not just the extreme sale on this item but that I’d just gotten gift cards to that site.  Not a coincidence;  it IS still available at that price, but I’m positive I’d seen it at full price at various times before so the timing still counts.

Edit 11-20:  I finally remembered to come back and add:  there was a clothing item I wanted, and I had the thought, I’m pretty sure on this day, that I hoped a certain store would send another $10 off card and have a sale on the item so I could get it.  They DID send me a card.  I checked the ads…  and there the item was.  The TIMING!!  And, they had it in my size and color, as I discovered today (11-20) when I went to buy it. Amazing.

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