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The timing!!!!!!

Several times recently, I’ve woken up early, dismayed to have lost sleep, but then suddenly something was going on that I needed to handle, or goad my roommate to handle, promptly, so it was good that I was up;  this wasn’t the case EVERY time I woke up early, but often enough to be almost eerie.

Today, I woke up early, got up, turned on the phone, and it rang in my hand.  It was a company offering me an exciting big-$ opportunity…  that they shouldn’t even have called about because they require 3 months between jobs you do for them and I literally just completed one for them…  and they never even ASKED about previous jobs, which they normally always do…  and I’d failed to qualify for this same job twice before with another company in my pre-God era…  astounding.

Equally astounding;  not only does my mother continue to get better, and at a far faster rate than predicted, the O2 level in her blood went UP, which doesn’t seem possible…  except for God all things are possible.


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