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Yesterday, due to my roommate’s usual bungling, a work assignment of mine that required his tech input got turned in past the deadline, AND screwed up to the point that I was frankly embarrassed.  Imagine my amazement when first the file was accepted, and then the payment credited, and in record time as well.

Except I shouldn’t be amazed at this point, should I?

The cautionary note:  I’d gotten in the habit of asking God to spare me a certain sort of scary dream before going to sleep, and He had been doing so.  Today, I was exhausted enough to take a long nap… and I forgot to ask.  And I had the dream for the first time in about 7 weeks.  I put this as well beyond the bounds of coincidence.  The lesson is that if I keep wanting the gift I have to keep asking.  WHY do I have to keep asking when He knows what I’m hoping for and I’ve already asked a bunch of times?  I dunno, but it’s His game and I have no objection to playing it His way.

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