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Last night, I woke up soon after falling asleep (a throat or intestinal noise had woken me up, I’m not sure which anymore as both occurred last night), and I’m 99% sure that I opened my eyes and looked at the clock as I always do, and then closed them…  and instead of the usual total blackness behind my eyelids, I saw an image.  It was dark, as in a very underexposed photo, but several animal forms were clearly visible.  I should’ve taken notes at the time, as the memory has unfortunately faded somewhat, but there were eventually 3 figures;  I’m not sure if it started with 2, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t just one, but AM sure it was 3 for at least almost the entire time…  which I think was a minute or 2.  3 critters…  the mother and her 2 by now adolescent babies, almost certainly.  I’m pretty sure I opened my eyes again to verify that I was seeing something with my eyes closed, and the image was still there when I closed them again.

I’ve never experienced anything like that in my entire life.  And there’s no confusion as to who to thank.


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