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Revelations… and faith

I discovered today that my mother’s health has taken a turn for the worse, and she could be looking at…  the worst.  Here’s the big test of faith, and I’m going to focus unswervingly on it:

I have faith that God will heal my mother and allow her to live a long and reasonably happy life.

I revealed my conversion to my aunt and uncle today;  they’ll need strength to help my mother and deal with their own feelings, and it just felt like the right time to tell them. I hope my aunt will use this revelation to find God (my uncle is a life-long believer).

Edit:  literally minutes after I posted this, JO came on…  and his sermon is about handling unexpected catastrophes.


Once again, with amazing, “coincidental” timing, JO is talking about my most urgent issue.

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I discovered today that one of the jobs I’m up for is going to distribute work by lottery;  they’ll have some people with about a 50/50 chance of getting a small or medium job, and then some will have miniscule chance of getting a job with BIG $.  When I discovered that I was in the latter category, I was really ticked, as the other categories of people will have lots of work to go around and I figured I was out of luck.

It took me shamefully long to remember that my luck has CHANGED, that God has given me lavish amounts of wins, and that perhaps He put me in this category because He intends for me to win the big $.  He doesn’t give me 100% of all big-$ opportunities, of course, as is totally proper, but because this would be a WIN and He has given me so many wins…  but that’s no guarantee, I’m not entitled and He’s not obligated.

There were some good jobs that I had faith that He’d let me get recently that I didn’t get;  the wonderful thing is that this has NOT blocked my ability to feel faith.  And I DO feel faith:

I have FAITH that God will bring me this big “lottery win.”

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