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On 8-11 I posted about how I ended up having to drive to a high-paying job in my roommate’s car because he ran mine out of gas  My roommate finally refilled my tank today, drove the car on an errand…  and it overheated.  There’s some sort of serious cooling system problem.  Had *I* been able to drive it for that job, it would’ve overheated halfway there, costing me the job and creating a nightmare of AAA and waiting for my roommate to either track me down or go home and notice the message light blinking…  Good thing that I couldn’t get the car started.  I see God at work there.

I find the urge to get a cross becoming almost overwhelming;  does that mean that God wants me to get one?  I guess I have to see how I feel.  I found one on eBay that really draws me, and the seller has 5 of them, so…

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