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What I need to do

I am blessed beyond description.  I am given gifts from God so numerous that someone who doesn’t know me would assume I was lying.  The greatest of those gifts is of course His presence, His love and caring;  in its most spectacular form, this includes filling me up, giving me the powerful physical sensation of Himself.  Not only is there nothing more marvelous on this Earth, in the entire history of this Earth, there never could be;  what could objectively be bigger or better than the living presence of GOD?

With all of this going on, why do I still get worked up and freaked out over things that in the big picture are pretty much meaningless?

It’s obscene, really.  I’ve asked God to help me change that about myself.  After all, He gives me so much that what does it matter if I lose a little here or there?  If I do, He gives me something better from another source.  I’m doing pretty well with faith, so this needs to be my new focus of improvement.

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