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God and Jesus are ONE

I asked God to be with me today, even though I’d just asked last week and I try not to be too demanding, because I’d had a stressful week, and He responded more quickly and powerfully than He had in a while…  which isn’t a complaint, as every bit of Himself that He gives to me is a precious gift that few people are so blessed as to receive, and there’s no reason for Him to do it the same way every time.  I was still struggling with the Jesus issue, not sure when I should talk to him, or to both of them, and not having a sense of him as a…  being?  While I was filled with God, I asked Him, “Are you one?” and a big surge went through me, strong enough to make my hands prickle.  Because I’m neurotic and am afraid of misinterpreting, I asked “Are you 2?”.  Nothing.  “Are you one?”  Big surge.  And a 3rd time.  No doubt about it;  that was as clear an answer as I could ever ask for.

As for the fine details, such as were they always 1, does Jesus have anything like a separate…  mind?…  and the other possible theological issues, I have no idea.  I do of course want to know, but I have faith that if God wants me to have that info He’ll give it to me when He thinks the time is right.  That works for me.

It occurred to me while this was going on that I should tell my most religious friend, who isn’t sure if Jesus exists, what has occurred..  and I got a surge for THAT, too, again more than once.  I may be seeing her Sunday, but if not I’ll pick a good time and fill her in.  Part of me is concerned about how she’ll feel when she hears that I’ve…  surpassed, I guess…  her again after all the years where she was the official religious expert, but it’s clear what God wants me to do, so that’s that.  He’ll make sure it works out the right way.

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