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Jesus… IS

I don’t know how else to say it.

I was checking the referral tracking on my other blog.  Someone came via a search term that ended with “nearest subject to your heart,” and, as is often the case where the term isn’t in quotes, Google found a page with the words there but not together.  The sentence where one of the other words appeared as quoted in the research results intrigued me, because I couldn’t guess what the post had been about.  I looked it up, and…

…  it was a religious dream from 5 years ago, wherein I saw God “create” Jesus and the latter then “saved” me from where I was…  stranded.


The dream overall was perhaps the most graphic depiction of my life of how at some level I knew that God was real, but the main player, and the one who interacted with me, was Jesus, and the question of his existence could certainly qualify as the “nearest subject to [my] heart,” in fact I’ve even started reciting the born-again prayer at the end of JO’s sermons, and have been almost obsessively looking at crosses on eBay…  I haven’t been agonizing over it, but it’s been a strong undercurrent and, with the existence of God conclusively proven, it IS the biggest issue even though it’s not the one I focus the most on…

I need to stop over-analyzing.  I got a stunningly specific message that pointed to a dream that overwhelmed me even at my most skeptical, a dream that shows Jesus rescuing me, and then me leaning on him for support, even though nothing in that dream post or any other on that page actually connected to what the searcher was hoping to find, there was just that one odd and totally non-religious word…..

I think I have to accept that Jesus is real.  This is gigantic, literally the 2nd-biggest thing in my entire life.  I’ll post more once I have something coherent to say.

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