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My terrible thing still isn’t handled;  I’ve sent so many emails now that I’m almost getting embarrassed.

The new friend I’ve hoped to make remains friendly but hasn’t picked up the phone and called me yet…  and I’m almost getting embarrassed there too, because it’s making me look like a beggar although I very carefully haven’t called more than once a week.

The job issue that looked like it was finally squared away has tanked again.

We had a serious computer issue that my roommate spent literally all day looking for the pricey discs necessary to fix it without finding them.

And, we’ve had a big unexpected expense drop on us.

So, not so good with responses to faith the last few days…  but that just means that I must focus HARDER on faith, because after all if blessings are falling all around me that’s not much of a test of my faith, in fact it’s not faith in the purest sense at all.  So:

I have FAITH that the terrible issue that brought me to God WILL soon be resolved in my favor.

I have FAITH that the new woman WILL become a friend.

I have FAITH that the job issue will be resolved in my favor.

I have FAITH that my roommate will find those discs quickly, get the PC working, and get the data off the dead hard drive.

I have FAITH that God will bring us a shower of high-paying work to cover the new expense.

Now, I know that God won’t give me everything, for the obvious and totally valid reasons…  but that won’t matter, because I’ll still have His love, caring, help, and blessings.  His focus on me is, and will always be, the biggest and best possible gift that has ever existed on this Earth, and when I have that, how much can these other things really matter?

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