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The volume on the TV had started randomly dropping way down;  turning it off and on fixed it.  When it happened several times within a few minutes, plus lines had also appeared along the bottom of the screen, I dragged my roommate into it.  He slogged through menus and settings without finding anything.  I told him to push all the plugs/connectors firmly in on all the components of the system.  He said he already had.  I replied that he couldn’t have, since it was a big deal to access the rear of the VCR (through which the TV signal runs) and I hadn’t seen him do that.  His patronizing reply was that, since turning the VCR on and off didn’t change anything, and turning the TV on and off DID, the problem couldn’t be with the VCR, so he wasn’t going to mess with it.

As he continued floundering around, I prayed under my breath for God to guide him to the solution so we wouldn’t have to pay a fortune for repairs.

A couple of minutes later, the sound shot back up.

I asked my roommate what he had done to fix it.  He replied that he had bumped the VCR.  I crowed in triumph.  He didn’t want to admit that that was it, but toggling back and forth with the remote proved it. I demanded that he drag the VCR out and push in the plugs as previously requested.  H grudgingly did so…  and the volume went up the rest of the way and the lines vanished.  He was, and still is, astounded, because his 2 “proofs” of non-VCR involvement do seem like iron-clad logic.  He seriously insists that “magic” must have been involved.


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