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More obvious help

1)  A very high paying job with very picky requirements that I got (and when they talked to me on the phone I had to blindly guess at what they wanted to hear)

2)  Another job, well-paying and quick, also with very picky requirements, that I got (guesswork was involved here, too)

3)  A spectacular, highly unusual item that my roommate revealed yesterday that he’d seen on a great sale a week ago and failed to get, that he came home with today…  it was the LAST one, still on sale, and NOT a return

4)  Our fave critter brought her babies for a lengthy visit, and this time we got lots of footage

5)  A cool prize that they were only partially honest about what they were looking for to qualify, and I guessed right again and got it…  with a further prize to come later, it turns out

6)  Another job that NONE of the usual pool of participants got but ME…  last time DOZENS got it, and it’s just unimaginable that only I got it but it’s true.  I don’t just mean no one else will be DOING it, I mean no one else was even OFFERED;  a Google search confirmed it.  Because of the nature of this job they HAVE to have other people before they can start it up, so…  it’s as if it happened just to alert me, like some freaky system misfire led to only me being contacted.

He’s letting me know He’s here.  I’m so grateful.  So lucky.  So eager to see what comes next…

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