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Once again, the woman I’m hoping to become friends with didn’t call today.  I tried calling her several times, but it went right to voice mail.

If I HAD spoken to her, I’d have tried to set up plans for Wednesday or Thursday, since I’d assume that her husband would expect her to be doing stuff with him on the  weekend and my Fridays are pretty busy.

Less than an hour after I’d given up trying to call her, I received an email from the wife of the man we’re most interested in becoming better friends with, asking us to come over THURSDAY, which means that day will be too hectic for another get-together, and Wednesday will also be a train wreck of doing my hair and the prep for Thursday.

And that’s why God didn’t induce the other woman to call me, or help me to reach her yet;  being invited over to that man’s house like this, without any hinting or prompting from me, and with the reason being that we’re going to able to do him a big favor, do something important to him together, and enhance our friendship, rather than just making plans because it’s a holiday weekend, is HUGE…  and, once again, beyond anything I could have even envisioned much less thought to ask for.

God’s plan is clearly superior to my ideas.  I’ll eventually talk to and spend time with this other woman;  He’ll see to that.  I have FAITH.  Faith in His intention to help me and to do so in a better way than I could guess in advance;  I’m going to work on having faith that His plan will be infinitely better than whatever I was asking Him for.

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