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I spoke too soon

I posted a few hours ago that my faith that God would allow the man I most want to become better friends with to meet the heavy hitters that were available at the job my roommate brought him into for that exact purpose had not led to the desired action happening.  When my roommate got back from doing that job today (without  the friend, as his part was done), he announced that he’d learned that out of THOUSANDS of inputs for this job by multiple groups of work units, literally 2% had been chosen from which the final group would be picked…  and one of them is a high-profile one that our friend was responsible for!!  The heavy hitters will SEE IT!!


God DID fulfill the desire I had faith about, just in HIS way rather than the way *I* wanted.  Guess whose way is better?  My friend would probably have rather met the heavy hitters directly, but the message he hoped to give them about his work will come through just as well FROM his work;  yes, he’s not getting the thrill of a direct meeting…  at least not YET, because God might not be done…  but if he’d met them there’s no guarantee that he’d have been able pass along his message even if they gave him enough of their time to do more than greet them, it’s not like it’d be a natural part of any conversational flow that they’d have tossed at him, and this way they’ll be STUDYING his work and absorbing his message, which objectively is better for him.

Once again, God has given me a gift in a way beyond what I had imagined.

I have faith that the heavy hitters WILL see and check out my friend’s work.  I have faith that my friend’s work WILL be one of the final ones chosen.  And, I have faith that the heavy hitters and my friend WILL end up face to face as a result of this, and thus that it will be a total triumph.

I  need to give God more time to provide His blessings before I believe that a desired blessing isn’t coming;  there ARE blessings that I will NOT receive no matter what my level of faith, and that’s 100% right, but I must keep in mind that God blesses me beyond what any rational person could expect even a loving, generous God to do, because His love is just that immense, and be more patient.

I am so lucky.  I am in awe of His love, and want only to return it and serve His will, and make Him happy.  Faith, I’m coming to believe, is what makes Him happy, and to please Him I will spend the rest of my life trying to feel INFINITE faith.

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