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Faith is NOT a guarantee that we’ll get what we ask for.

I had pretty solid faith that the man that I most want to be better friends with would get to interact with the heavy hitters that were there somewhere where he and my roommate were working the past couple of days at our invitation;  it really seemed like that was the whole point of God giving us the gift of being able to bring him along.

It didn’t happen.

Disappointing, of course, as this would have greatly benefitted our friend, who’s a good guy, as well as our budding friendship with him.  I still understand and agree with the concept that God doesn’t give us everything we want for the same reason you wouldn’t give even the best-behaved child everything they want, but…  hopefully our friend had a good enough time that this moves us forward rather than setting us back.

Also, the woman I’m hoping to become friends with didn’t call on Friday like she said she would, or yesterday either, despite my faith that she would…  and I’m hoping desperately to not have to pursue her to try to start the friendship.  I still have faith that God will prompt her to call me before it becomes necessary for ME to call to keep things going;  the “coincidences” have been so thick on the ground that it seems utterly certain that God brought us together, and if I have to start chasing her it’ll make it very difficult to become friends, so…  well, He doesn’t HAVE to do it, obviously, and He doesn’t owe me anything after all He’s given me, or at all…  but I still have faith that He WILL, as I AM certain that He didn’t just bring me together with this woman to taunt me with what I can’t have.

On the plus side, I had faith that He’d help some animal babies that were trapped on the roof be taken away by their mommy before a hawk or Animal Control showed up, and He did;  He’s still listening, He’s just following the Plan and I need to learn to wait patiently rather than expect everything all at once.

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