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I had faith that big $ would come my way today.  A company I’m not sure I even remember signing up with sent me a job that was not only well-paying but has a big bonus for the best performer…  and I have total faith that that will be ME, because with God’s help I really nailed it.

I had faith that a friend would call me today;  no particular friend, just someone, and I don’t get many calls so this was a bigger deal than you’d think.  And God came through bigger and better than I could have thought to ask for:  My roommate was told that he needed to bring in someone to work with him on a job he’s doing tomorrow, and this job will bring them into contact with some heavy hitters.  I instantly realized that the man I most want to become better friends with would be perfect for this, not just because he can do it but because these specific heavy hitters are ones that he’d very much want to work around.  I called his wife, she called him at work, and, of course, he then called ME.  This large favor we’re doing for him should get us in tighter with him, and I intend to strike while the iron is hot and suggest another get-together with them once the dust settles.  VERY cool.

I have faith that, having set this up, God will assist my friend to meet and talk to those people he’s hoping to interact with, in part because he’s a deserving person and in part because God clearly intends for me to continue making social progress and the better my friend does tomorrow the more kindly inclined he’ll be towards hanging out with me.

And speaking of friends;  the woman I hope to make a friend out of is supposed to call me tomorrow so we can set up a time to see each other next week.  I have faith that, since God very clearly steered us together, He will make sure that she calls and all goes well.

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