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I got a call today from the company that signed me on for a high-paying job yesterday;  they had more questions to verify that I qualified for the tiny niche they’re looking for.  When they put me on hold I said out loud that I had faith that God wouldn’t let me get so close and then lose it.  It ended up that they added a little more work and increased the compensation by 1/3.

I have been expressing faith that God would heal my mother of her health issues.  I can’t remember if I said I had faith that she’d not have to endure a lifetime treatment that they’d told her she had to do for one of the issues and she had in fact already started doing, but I’d asked God to somehow make it so…  and today He DID.  The doctor announced today that she didn’t have the health issue that required that treatment after all, that the problem was being caused by her other health issue, and thus that she can stop the treatment!!

And the biggie today:  I called the woman I met last week under circumstances that made it obvious that God was involved.  We discovered that we both love the same TV show, so we had that to bond over.   She announced that next week would be a good time for us to get together.  And…  she said that SHE would call ME!!  This is crucial, because before she asked ME to call, and now she’s offering to make some effort… so I’ve got a decent shot at befriending her.  I also happened to notice another show that she likes and mentioned today on the TV schedule, although I never noticed it BEFORE in the YEARS it’s been on TV, guess what THAT means, and watched it so I can talk to her about it.  It’s so much easier with God’s help, so much easier when you have faith!!

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