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One of the things I had faith that God would do for me today was something unusual;  that a friend (any friend) would contact me today, preferably by phone.  And someone DID call;  a new friend who had NEVER called to chat (we’ve been emailing recently, though) called on a puzzling pretext (as if her mind had been clouded and she didn’t recall what I’d already told her via email, hmmmmm), and we had a real girlfriends-type convo!!  I even remembered to end it myself rather than talking for as long as they’re willing like I used to do.  This was a solid step forwards for us, opening the way for ME to call HER, and hopefully to seeing her and her husband, who is the person I most want to get to know better, sometime soon.

There’s no coincidence to the timing;  I had faith, and God gave me what I was hoping for, except BETTER… I’m still amazed that this woman called me, that God gave me such a serious response to my faith.  He also filled me with His presence today, when I asked for that for the first time in a while;  I wish I had the words to express what it means to me to have Him staying so close and providing so much for me.

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