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“Now faith”

JO’s sermon today focused on the idea that you need to ask God to act on your behalf TODAY, to send favor TODAY, to answer your prayers TODAY. It’s not enough to have faith that God will help us in the future, we must believe that He will help us NOW, and must believe that every day, and ASK Him for that help every day.

JO listed many things that people might ask for, all circling around $ or health issues…  but then he tossed out one that sat me right up:  “Today will be the day I meet a new friend.”  And today was the 1st day I spoke on the phone to the woman I just met that I think God wants me to be friends with.

JO said to ask for the things we want TODAY, believe we’ll get them TODAY, and keep believing it  every day whether we get those things or not.  I’m going to start doing that.

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