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Faith… reward?

I had faith that I’d get a certain job.  It looked like there were signs.  I found out today that I didn’t get it because there has to be a certain # of days between jobs for them.  Could God have somehow fixed that?  Of course.  But wiping memories and computers to get me one more job would be way beyond anything I’d expect Him to do, nor should He be expected to do any such ridiculous thing.

My faith is unaltered.  They said there would be more jobs for me, and I have faith that once the gap time has elapsed I’ll get one.

I got a different job offer for 50% more $ today instead.  From a different company that ALSO has a gap requirement, and for whom I’m already doing a job later this week, but I’m not showing in their system for some reason, so when they looked me up they didn’t see that they’ll be paying me twice in one week.  HOW is the job I’m already signed up to do not in the system?  WHY would their system not show me as already signed up?  Why didn’t they ASK if I was already signed up for anything?  Is it just a flaw in how data is shared in their system, or…  did I get helped?

It’s possible that someone will figure out that I’m scheduled for 2 this week;  I have faith that this won’t happen.

And here’s the almost eerie one:  I went to my room to look for something that I hadn’t seen in a few days.  It wasn’t where I expected it to be.  I did a search of the expected storage area;  nothing.  I ran out to check in another room;  nothing.  I sprinted back to my room…  and it was laying on the bed.


Bizarre reappearances like that have happened now and then since my teens, although much more frequently then than now.  Why would just an occasional thing be returned to me this way?  Or…  a better question, since too many things being returned would provide the sort of extreme proof of “other powers” that said powers are understandably unwilling to provide, would be;  was it always God doing it, or…  was it otherworldly helpers/pranksters who are now clearly still hanging around?

Was this “finding” a reward, or a generous whim, or not God at all?  

I have faith that He will make all this clear to me in His timing.

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