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My favorite wild animal came to visit tonight.  She was ravenous, and quickly ate the food that was out;  she’d been so brave about having me very close to her that I though I’d try carefully opening the screen door enough to toss out some more food.  The problem was that the door has gotten warped over the past couple of months such that there’s been a big gap between the upper half of the door and the frame, and it takes some real effort, lifting and twisting and pushing/pulling, to get it fully open and closed, and it’s a noisy process. I didn’t ask God for help, although obviously I should have (it never entered my mind, which shows how slow my brain is to fully grasp the whole God concept, sigh), but He had clearly planned to assist both me and the hungry critter, because when I made my first tentative attempt to open the door it moved easily and soundlessly!!!!!  The gap had apparently vanished the last time it was closed, so it hadn’t been jammed in there like we’d been having to do it;  I guess whoever closed it hadn’t consciously realized that it wasn’t gaping any more but still didn’t do the forced closure…  or maybe it was something even more miraculous.

I was not only able to feed my animal friend but to hand feed her, and several magical times she felt over my hand with her paw, presumably trying to figure me out… or make a connection with me?  I’m passionate about all beautiful creatures, and this experience was one of my best EVER.

And, the door seems to be, not fixed in the sense of being a properly hung screen door which it never was, but fixed in the sense that it now closes fully without the struggle, so this wasn’t some one-time thing that might be explained away by a determined enough skeptic.

All of that without my ever asking for help.

I have faith…  I have faith…  I have faith…

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