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4 days ago, I posted about how my battle against the terrible thing that happened 8 months ago had reached the point where there was almost no chance that it could be fixed, because I’d emailed the CEO of the company and he had neither replied nor, as far as I could tell, since nothing had happened, taken action.  I decided to finally take a leap of faith and believe that God would somehow fix this for me.

Today, the first business day since then, I received proof that the CEO HAS taken action.  More will have to be done to actually fix the issue, and this bit of progress also got made months ago by a lower executive but was never followed through with despite my strenuous efforts, so objectively this isn’t a done deal…  but I’m NOT objective, I have FAITH, and I’ll say it again:


He hasn’t gone this far just to taunt me and then take it back.  I think he was waiting for me to take the leap of faith, and now that I have He is giving me the help that He’d have probably given me long ago if I’d had faith that He WOULD do it instead of asking Him TO do it.  (Another BIG revelation there!!)

I’m new to faith, especially to what a skeptic would probably call blind faith, but I’m catching on fast.  He does so much for me, and faith is all He appears to want in return;  how could I deny Him that?  WHY would I, as it seems increasingly clear that that’s the path that gets the best results?  (It’s of course crucial that I NOT work on faith just to get stuff, but I can’t pretend that I don’t see the connection;  He can’t be fooled.)  Why would I deny Him anything under any circumstances, just from a common sense standpoint?

I WANT to give Him whatever He wants just because He wants it, out of gratitude and love.  I WILL give it to Him, as fast as I can sort it out.  I WILL reach total faith, the ability to feel faith about every issue even knowing that I WON’T get everything I believe He’ll give me.  I WILL.

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