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I reported a few days ago that I’d had one of those dreams where you realize you’re dreaming and, although my entire life I’ve typically had minor and patchy control in such dreams at best, unlike normal people who apparently have a great deal, this time I had so much control that it brought me up short in mid-dream.

The night before last, I was having a dream about the man who has thus far been the big love of my life, and he suddenly vanished.  I became, I guess, semi-aware that I was dreaming;  I vaguely thought that I could “find” him if I looked around, meaning that he’d “magically” be behind a door or something, which means that I WAS somewhat aware.  Anyways, I looked at the bed, and like a special effect the shape of a body filled out under the covers;  I lifted them up, and there he was…  not someone with a tiny bit of resemblance to him, like would be typical for me, but HIM.  And the action went the way I wanted it to, which is also unusual.

To go from virtually NEVER having any non-trivial control to major control twice in a row, just days apart, is BIG…  and of course due to God and not coincidence.

Another hopeful thing:  My best tree was mostly killed off by vermin, and I’ve been asking God to bring it back. Today, my roommate commented that it had the most growth he’d seen on it in a long time.  Natural wonder or answered prayer? God gets my vote for now; if it does really come back, that’ll be all the proof I’ll need.

Edit 8-10-12:  It got worse before it got better, but the past year or so it HAS been coming back, and since the vermin have miraculously vanished, it looks like it will flourish again… that’s all the proof I need, not that I need ANY.

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