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I asked God many times to help me get through today, which was going to be busy, exhausting and stressful.

I had a job at the crack of dawn.  Insanely, I felt the need before we left to turn the answering machine volume back on and play the 2 trivial messages my roommate had carelessly saved there from the previous day, KNOWING they were from yesterday and there was no possibility of them being anything else.

My roommate drove me to the job, intending to drop me off and mess around until I’d be done several hours later.  He felt sick, though, and decided to go back home and just come back for me at the end.

I hadn’t been there for long before they announced that they’d overbooked…  but those of us that they didn’t need would STILL BE PAID!!

So now I had my big check, and several extra hours for the busy day…  but my roommate had no way of knowing, and there was no chance he’d turned the phone’s ringer back on, and he doesn’t check for new messages, and I was looking at sitting around waiting for him for hours.  With virtually no hope, I called…  and he picked up after I said my first sentence!! He’d gotten home already, and had heard me because I’d put the A/M volume back on contrary to all reason before we left.

So, thanks to God’s help, I got big $ for no work, plus I can sign up for that job again because I didn’t actually participate this time, plus I got those much-needed hours back, plus because I inexplicably turned on the AM volume and my roommate inexplicably felt bad enough to go right home I got picked right back up.

In my wildest imagination I could never have come up with that as a possible way for the day to turn out, and I certainly would never have ASKED for such a bizarre series of events and “coincidences”…  but God, as JO always says, provided for me beyond what I had ever imagined.

One of the errands I needed to do was stock up at my fave body products store because, by another amazing coincidence, they were on the way home, AND had just dropped their prices to what I know is rock bottom for the current mega-sale yesterday;  because I was there so early, I got all the goodies I wanted quickly, and found something for my impossible-to-shop-for mother, AND got a thing for $10 off a future purchase.

When I got home, a parade of  *5* little specialty jobs (2 of them better than average and one of them BIG)  came to me within a few hours;  major for any day, surreal for a FRIDAY.

God never ceases to amaze me;  He gives so much, so frequently, and asks nothing in return…  He just hopes, I think, that I’ll have faith and keep him “1st place in my life,” but forgives me when I fall short.  As I keep saying;  to go from being legendary for my bad luck to this almost unnervingly lavish series of blessings is mindboggling.

I’m so grateful. I’m blessed beyond words.  I could weep when I think of all the times He tried to reach me in my life and I wouldn’t see Him;  I’d do anything to make up for it, even if He never provided me with another miracle or near-miracle again. I’m finally understanding how people can feel overwhelming love for God;  I’m starting to feel it myself, not because of His gifts but because of the love He has for me that leads to His generosity.

I have asked many times to be able to FEEL the love for Him that He deserves, that a normal person would feel.  It’s finally happening!!!!!

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