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I should have returned my DVD’s Sunday night, but I got caught up and forgot to;  thus, no new DVD’s were sent out Monday, and so no new DVD’s came today, leaving me with nothing to watch tonight.  Making the best of mediocre options, or so I thought, I watched an objectively dumb religious-themed flick that in some muddied way was partially about the Gospel of Thomas.  At the end of the movie they had text that made it seem like this gospel was REAL;  I felt a strong urge to look it up, and it IS real.  Here are the Wikipedia quotes that knocked me out:

“salvation is personal and found through spiritual (psychological) introspection. In Thomas saying 70, Jesus says, “If you bring forth what is within you, what you have will save you.”

“The teaching of salvation (i.e., entering the Kingdom of Heaven) that is found in The Gospel of Thomas is neither that of “works” nor of “grace” as the dichotomy is found in the canonical gospels, but what might be called a third way, that of insight. The overriding concern of The Gospel of Thomas is to find the light within in order to be a light unto the world.”

Since I found the path from utter heathenism to full religious enlightenment “through spiritual (psychological) introspection,” the idea that this was the path to salvation resonates powerfully for me.

During the movie I started wondering if my lifelong resonance with certain religious things, which my religious friends interpreted as my “knowing” that God was real on some deep level (and I now of course agree with them), meant more than just the presence of God;  after all, there were more of these “resonances” with JESUS imagery than with God imagery per se, so how can I reasonably ignore the former while embracing the latter?  If only God was real, then why all the reactions to Jesus imagery?  If I accept that my reactions to the smaller # of God images was meaningful, how can I with any logic ignore the more frequent reactions to Jesus imagery?

And then to look up the Gospel of Thomas and discover that it seems to focus on the path I took to find God…  and to have felt vaguely “steered” towards the movie…  it’s really making me think.

And I think…  I’m going to start trying to talk to Jesus and see what happens.

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