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A week ago, I posted the incredible story, especially to anyone who knows me and the sort of luck I’d previously had my entire life, that I’d won raffles 2 weeks in a row on a site where I didn’t even know how the raffles WORKED.

As you’ve guessed from the title, I just won the raffle for the THIRD consecutive week on that site. On top of my other recent wins.

I spell “3rd win in a row”… G-O-D.

Whatever He does for me is a GIFT, and although I have faith that He will continue to care for me, I don’t EXPECT any specific thing, as I have no way of knowing His plan for me.

Clearly, though, He still intends to present me with miracles for now;  I hope that when the time comes for me to carry out His will that I don’t fail Him.

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