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Instant help

God has assisted me several times when I was in distress and asked for help, as when He instantly removed my anxiety when I asked to be calm, or how He took my symptoms of internal distress away after I ate the wrong thing and it gave me a variety of unpleasant symptoms.

Today, it was purely emotional distress, but He still gave instant help:  I was working on a project on my bed, and had to scramble up to answer the door.  When I got back, a piece was missing;  this wasn’t a small piece, it’s skinny but almost 2 feet long, so I should have been able to find it right away even if it had fallen to the floor and been kicked around, but there was no sign of it.  I was leaping around and freaking out, looking over and over at every possible spot;  finally, I sat down to get back to work, and said out loud to God to please help me find the missing item.

My eyes shot to the side and I saw it immediately;  it had gotten somewhere strange, draped over a couple of stuffies.

My eyes didn’t feel forced in any way, nor did I have any feeling of being “manipulated”;  I asked for help, and God directed my eyes in a way that felt natural but of course wasn’t, since I had no reason to suddenly look over there, much less DIRECTLY at the one spot where the missing item was visible.

The more fully I incorporate Him into my every waking moment, the more fully He is with me.  Why would anyone who truly believes in Him NOT seek the fullest possible relationship?  What do they have going on that they think is bigger or better?  There’s nothing I want more than to be closer to Him;  yes, I get tangible benefits, but that pales beside the love, care and concern of GOD, heck even a human who cared this way would be worth their weight in titanium, and to go from a lifetime in an emotional vacuum to this kind of…  enfolding and buoying up…  is amazing.

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