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Yesterday, I had a big coupon to redeem, and had a list of stores I could redeem it at in the area I was going to be in (and rarely am in).  I’d been up insanely early, I was exhausted, and I wanted to be done with it (I’d been stressing over redeeming it in time, as it was for a large amount).  I finally found a store with some possible stuff… but I found myself thinking I should go to the last store, even though it seemed very likely, given the tiny amount of acceptable merchandise every other store had had, that it was a waste to keep going.

By far the best thing I’d seen all day was at the last store…  for the EXACT amount of the coupon.  I’m pretty sure I can credit God with steering me to the final store.

Today, my roommate got some decent pay, and I got another BIG job;  we’ve got a couple more big ones next week.  I credit God with this previously unimaginable density of $ as well;  He has really come through with the bigger jobs that I asked for so that I could do a little less cheaper work and get more sleep.

This is a crucial thing;  ANY gift is a GIFT, and deserving of appreciation and gratitude, and frigging AWE that GOD has taken the time away from running the universe to cater to my desires.  I’m not going to get every single thing I want, or gifts given to me in the exact way I might prefer;  we all know what people who DO get everything that way are like, and God is 100% right (naturally!!) to not indulge my every whim.

I kind of wish I knew what His plan was, though, so that I could tailor my hopes accordingly.

Whatever happens, GOD will remain #1 with me.  That God has chosen to be so involved in my life will ALWAYS be the most important aspect of my life;  I’d have to be utterly insane to view it any other way.  Even if He never gives me any other blessings, that He revealed Himself to me will be enough for me for as long as I live.  Yes, I want to get nice things and for good stuff to happen as much as anyone does, but…  wouldn’t any child trade everything they have to get the time and attention of a loving parent?  Same concept.  His presence is His ultimate blessing.

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