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Help and healing

I’ve had a troublesome issue dragging on since the end of last year;  it’s the issue whose crushing initial stress precipitated my conversion.  I’ve been slowly working my way up the ladder of the company involved trying to solve it.  The last person I tried, who is a VP, was the only one that ever emailed back, and of course never DID anything.  The latest person, who’s some kind of “officer,”  clearly did something, as I got another f-off email (metaphorically speaking, but barely) from the original problem-causer today;  I suspect that the “officer” has been divinely influenced.  I’ve been asking God to use His influence on the people at this company to persuade someone to resolve the problem in my favor;  I have faith that whatever degree of help He gives will be the right one in the big picture, and I will accept whatever the end result is, although with some unavoidable grief if it ends up against me, with as much grace as I can muster.

Part of me is unhappy when I say some of these faith-related things, because since I’ve seen how faith is rewarded my brain may be coming up with some of this as a way to get more benefits, which would be terrible because I want REAL faith, not for the part of my brain that can generate stories to produce sterile sentences.  Since God can’t be fooled, or confused, He knows I’m not consciously trying to calculate this out, but I think I have some responsibility for my  UNconscious as well, so I need to be vigilant.

Anyways:  Given my revelation of 4-5:

“God doesn’t start anything that He can’t finish, that He won’t complete for you when the time is right…  people will want to go out of their way to do good things for you without knowing why, and God will give you a flourishing finish, bigger and better than you ever imagined”

I still feel hopeful about how this will end.

More help today;  my roommate and I were delayed enough in going out for the day so that he could get a job offer and close the deal.

And the healing;  I ate something bad while we were out, and had gradually worsening symptoms over the next hour or so;  I asked Him to fix it, and He did almost instantly.  Astonishing.

All of it.  Astonishing.

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