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A small miracle

There was a contest for a nice little prize that the 1st X # of people would get if they jumped through certain hoops.  From the # of views of that page when I got there, which was at the point that I had to count on not all views being submissions to get in, my chances were so-so, but the prize was worth the effort, so I submitted my entry.

Over an hour later, I discovered that my submission had failed, and now the views were WILDLY beyond the # of prizes;  game over.

I should logically have just closed the window, because I was totally sure, based on what any rational person would call incontrovertible evidence,  that all the prizes had long since been claimed, but for some reason I re-submitted…  and then have agonized for the 2 intervening months about how stupid I’d been to not verify that the submission had gone through.

Guess what came in the mail today?  🙂

Seems miraculous to me.  To underscore the point, the BIG prize I won a week and a half ago, which there was zero doubt came to me via divine intervention, also came today. I also remembered literally at the last minute + 1 that another contest was about to start at midnight, and I got that one, too.

Formerly the least “lucky” person on Earth, I’m now flooded with contest wins and unusually well-paid jobs in this awful economy (one of those came today as well);  God is behind it all, patiently granting a very generous % of my requests, and handling things like this prize that I didn’t even think to ask for.

That He cares enough about me to make all this effort makes me officially the luckiest person on this planet;  all else pales before the staggering fact that He has chosen me as one of those infinitely blessed with a close personal relationship with Him.

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