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Do you ever have one of those dreams when you realize you’re dreaming?  When most people have one of those, they can control what happens;  when *I* have one,  I typically get minor control, and mostly STRUGGLE to control:  If  I decide I want to be in a palace,  I’ll end up in a rowboat.  I might successfully imagine a horse, but 10 seconds later all I have left is a piece of leather I vaguely think was part of its bridle.  I typically try to “find” a person, and what I usually end up with bears only partial resemblance to them, and they keep morphing to be less like the person I want as time progresses.  VERY frustrating.

Last night I realized I was dreaming and immediately started looking for a certain man.   I found him reasonably quickly, and he looked pretty close to life, although with a couple of puzzling exceptions.  I “found” somewhere private for us to retire to.  As I led him in,  I inexplicably mentioned that there was a fridge filled with food (it’s not like we could really eat, or like that’s the scene I wanted to play out)…  and a fridge instantly popped out of the wall and swung its door open to reveal that it was full of food.  That stopped me in my tracks in mid-dream, because even with the muddied memory inherent in dreams I knew darned well that nothing like THAT had ever happened before.  The dream got vague and off track as unfortunately tends to happen, but I did manage to influence a couple of other things significantly as well.

I strongly resist becoming one of these people who sees the hand of God in every twitch and quiver, but when the pattern of a lifetime suddenly takes a radical turn for the better, as has happened with several major things recently through no effort of mine, it’s hard to NOT see God…  what other reasonable explanation is there for all these huge changes?

I can’t wait to see what happens next…

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